Compact hearing protection for improved situational awareness

February 13, 2019

3M™ PELTOR™ Electronic Earplug helps protect against harmful noise, while allowing ambient sounds to be heard at a level below 82dB. It increases your ability to communicate with nearby colleagues, as well as hear warning signals, approaching vehicles, or sounds in machines and processes.


The earpieces are rechargeable via a USB jack on the charging case. The case also provides easy and convenient storage of the earpieces when not being used. The small and lightweight design helps improve the overall comfort and user experience, and makes it compatible with most head-worn 3M Personal Safety Equipment (PPE), such as helmets and face shields.

Key features

  • Provides hearing protection
  • Level-dependent function (for situational awareness)
  • Intuitive one-button operation  
  • Rechargeable
  • Durable storage and charging case (IP54) 
  • Small and lightweight design 
  • Compatible with most head-borne 3M Personal Protective Equipment

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