Pandemic Preparedness: Getting started with a plan

March 1, 2018
An effective action plan begins with a thorough needs assessment to determine your vulnerabilities and help you understand your priorities. Take a good look at your organization and ask yourself a few simple but vital questions:

• Are you prepared for a large-scale   public health event?
• Are you prepared for a natural disaster or act of terrorism that affects thousands of people?
• Do you know how to keep your business or service running during and after a large-scale public health event?
• Do you have the right equipment and supplies in place to handle these types of events?
Don’t know where to start? 3M can help.
Public health officials and corporations in more than 35 countries have used our demand planning tools and health and safety services to develop emergency response plans. 3M’s Continuity Demand Planning Tool can help you define your minimum readiness levels and begin the planning process, including budgeting and logistics.
Critical components for disaster-preparedness planning
  • Identify parameters that define emergency events
  • Identify essential and support employees & Identify employees by location
  • Estimate intensity of consumption for continuity of operations

3M's Continuity Demand Planning Tool Provides:

  • Scenario design and planning
  • Specified minimum readiness level
  • Stockpile level estimates
  • Demand plans
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Pandemic Preparedness: Preparing to take action on your plan
Pandemic Preparedness: Preparing to take action on your plan

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