Keeping 3M™ Reusable Respirators close at hand

September 26, 2017

Perfect for workers who move in and out of hazardous environments and need to keep their reusable respirators on hand, the 3M™ Half Facepiece Respirator Storage Bag, 6584 helps keep reusable respirators clean and easily accessible. Simply attach the storage bag around the waist and adjust for size, allowing workers to easily access their respirator when they need it.

Why workers will love this reusable respirator storage bag:

  • Has an adjustable belt that allows workers to comfortably carry and store their reusable respirators
  • Can also be worn using worker’s own belt for additional versatility in wear
  • Has a zipper closure for secure storage and easy access
  • Helps protect and keep 3M™ Reusable Respirators clean when not in use
  • Can be used to store any 3M™ 6000, and 7000 Series Half Facepiece Reusable Respirators

Log in to your account on the 3M Partner Portal to order the new half facepiece storage bag. You can also contact your nearest 3M distributor to learn more about the product and place an order.

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