Pandemic Preparedness: Preparing to take action on your plan

March 1, 2018

Building your stockpile with the right supplies

Your organization’s needs assessment should identify specific supplies and quantities needed to deal with an emergency or outbreak. The next step in building a plan that works is to make sure you have those critical supplies on hand.
At 3M, we have devoted ourselves to developing smart, practical products that can help you minimize the spread of airborne or surface pathogens such as viruses, and can help to protect employees in a crisis. From respirators and hand sanitizers to surface cleaners and protective eyewear we feature a wide variety of solutions. We can help you support your plan with the right supplies and services to make it effective.
Steps to take in preparation
1. Meeting demand – when the worst happens, demand on critical services and supplies intensifies dramatically, often creating shortages.
2. Relieving pressure – even with global manufacturing capabilities, demand can outstrip production capacity. Advance preparation means having a well-organized and communicated plan within your organization.
3. Protecting your people – having ample and readily accessible quantities of key protective and other priority items available can help ease workers’ concerns, can help minimize absenteeism, and maximize care and service levels.
4. Maintaining your service – continuity of service and operations is critical in any crisis situation.

Talk with one of our experts for help on your plan.

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