Who is at risk for experiencing fatigue?

April 28, 2017

Fatigue is something that can affect workers of all ages and genders across every industry. However, certain occupations have a higher risk of fatigue associated with them.

Because fatigue occurs most often when the body’s natural circadian rhythm is disrupted, shift workers and people who work the night shift are especially at risk.

Factors that influence fatigue’s effect on workplace accidents:

  • Extended hours of work
  • Working during higher risk hours (the hours when the risk of workplace accidents are highest is between midnight and 6am)
  • Shift changes
  • When breaks have not been taken in several hours

Certain work environments can also amplify the effects of fatigue:

  • Dim lighting
  • Noisy surroundings
  • Warm temperatures
  • Comfortable environments
  • Performing boring, repetitive and monotonous tasks
  • Performing difficult tasks that require a high level of attention and detail

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