Fall protection workplace training and federal jobs grants

November 29, 2018

Looking to upgrade your job skills but aren’t sure where to begin? For workers looking to upgrade their skills, the Canada Job Grant is a great place to start. This federal job grant program is designed to help increase worker productivity, skills and job retention. This program is executed by each province, allowing workers reimbursement for completing training courses from their employer and government.

Training programs that are included in the grant are ones offered by third-party trainers, trade union centers and private trainers. Because provinces and territories are responsible for the design and delivery of the Canada Job Grant in their area, specific requirements and parameters vary from region to region. Generally, an applicant will need to apply to their provincial government for preapproval, complete their training, and then send in proof of completion for reimbursement to occur. For specific information relevant to your province, and to apply online, click here.

Fall protection training

What this means for at-height workers is that their at-heights training may now be eligible for reimbursement. This is applicable to workers and trainers looking to upgrade their skills. Some provinces may also reimburse the cost of travel, allowing workers and trainers to travel to the FPG facility in Airdrie, Alberta for a one-of-a-kind comprehensive fall protection training experience.

Since many provinces require a minimum amount of training hours to be completed in order to be reimbursed, the trainers at the 3M Fall Protection Group recommend bundling courses to meet these requirements and to ensure a thorough training experience.

For example, workers who bundle courses to complete training can be designated as:

  • Fall protection specialist – gained by completing three courses, back-to-back in 3 days
  • Fall protection professional – gained by completing five courses, back-to-back in 5 days

All fall protection courses available (including generalized courses and very specialized application courses) can be viewed and filtered in the Training Courses section of our website.

To learn more about 3M fall protection training in your province and to get more information about any of our courses, please get in touch with us today.

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