Harness your fit

February 2, 2018

Workers come in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, so do 3M™ Fall Protection Harness Solutions.




When you work at heights, you need a harness that gives you a full range of motion, with a fit that’s snug, but comfortable. 

With sizes ranging from XS to XXXL, 3M offers vest and cross-over style harnesses that are consciously created to accommodate women – and men – comfortably and securely. Choose the fit that’s right for your work, and right for you. 




ExoFit NEX™ Vest-Style Harness

Aluminum back D-ring, locking quick-connect buckle leg straps, comfort padding.


1113000C: X-Small                    1113001C: Small 

1113004C: Medium                   1113007C: Large 

1113010C: X-Large                     1113013C: 2X-Large 




ExoFit NEX™ Cross-Over Style Climbing Harness 

Aluminum back and front D-rings, locking quick-connect buckle leg straps, comfort padding.


113090C: X-Small                      113091C: Small 

1113094C: Medium                    1113097C: Large 

113100C: X-Large                       1113103C: 2X-Large 




DELTA™ Vest-Style Harness 

No-tangle design, stand-up back D-ring, tongue buckle leg straps, Repel webbing, built-in lanyard keepers, Revolver vertical torso adjusters, and impact indicator. 


1102000C: Universal                  1101256C: X-Small 

1101251C: Small                           1106015C: Medium 

1106024C: Large                        1101252C: X-Large 

1101253C: 2X-Large                   1101258C: 3X-Large 



For additional harness solutions visit 3M.ca/FallProtection

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