Pandemic Preparedness: Reinforcing your knowledge

March 1, 2018

Putting it into practice

It’s important that your people know that a preparedness plan exists for your organization and it is designed to work.

• Do they know how to access and use stockpiled supplies?
• Is there a chain of command and communication in place?
• Who is responsible for which procedures?
• If respirators are part of your preparedness plan, have personnel been fit-tested and is there a plan to ensure continuous updating of testing (as per CSA Z94.4)?
3M training and services can help

Qualitative fit testing

• Qualitative fit testing is a fast, efficient and
cost-effective method of testing. It’s often more practical
for testing large groups
• A respirator is donned and an aerosolized
challenge agent contained within a large hood
is utilized to determine proper fit and seal
• 3M’s highly trained technicians can conduct 
approximately 12 fit tests per hour

3M respiratory fit testing advantage

• 3M provides complete fit testing documents that meet CSA Standard requirements and can assist with record retention, as well as purchasing and inventory needs
• Individual wallet-sized card that identifies the respiratory model number, testing date and qualified fit tester signature are provided


3M training and service options

1. Respiratory protection: Qualitative fit testing & Quantitative fit testing

2. User training

3. Fit testing workshops


Learn more about fit testing.

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